Military higher education comprises of four levels

Basic Officer Training Course is the first level programme with a 3-year study period carried out in the Estonian Military Academy(EMA). In the course of the programme, the cadets acquire the skills of a platoon leader and company commander. On completion of the course, the cadets will have applied higher education and the rank of a second lieutenant.

Advanced Officer Training Course is the second level of officer training with a 2 -year study period, whereby the students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties of junior staff officers of an infantry battalion or brigade.

Senior Staff Officer Course – the third level of officer training – is a 1-year course conducted in cooperation with the Baltic Defence College located in the same building with the EMA (or relevant training in some educational institution abroad).

Higher Staff Officer Course – the fourth level of officer training – is conducted in higher staff officer courses and general staff officer courses in educational institutions abroad.

The Estonian Military Academy offers the 1st level and, since the 2005/2006 study year, also the 2nd level of military higher education.