Konverentsi ettekanded

Conference abstracts (konverentsi teeside kogu)

April 29

Piret Kärtner Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
Developing Learner Independence – the Challege of Teachers of the 21st Century

Anita Jaunzeme Latvian National Armed Forces Language School
Ideas on Enhancing Student’s Writing Skills

Baiba Kačanova Latvian National Armed Forces Language School
Semantic Field Theory in Teaching Vocabulary in English

Inga Katinaite Lithuanian Military Academy
The Effectiveness of the Usage of Up-to-date Authentic Materials in Teaching English

Katri Sirkel, Triinu Soomere Estonian National Defence College
M-learning: individual, customisable, ubiquitous

Märt Kirik Estonian Aviation Academy
The Modern Teaching Team

Linda Løhre Royal Norwegian Naval Academy
Why are autonomy and self-directed learning particularly useful in a military setting?

Maia Boltovsky Estonian National Defence College
Reflection as a Tool of Supporting Conscious Learning

April 30

Nellija Eglite Latvian National Armed Forces Language School
Movement in Language Acquisition

Aigi Piirimees Estonian National Defence College
Is There a New Generation Coming to University that Educators Have to Approach in a New Way? – Review of Literature

Ülle Türk Estonian National Defence College
Using formative assessment to motivate learners

Vita Valdmane Latvian Ministry of Environment and Regional Development
Control and Power Issues Inside and Outside The Classroom