KVÜÕA toimetised nr 14


Cultural, Peace and Conflict Studies Series
Volume II: Extremism Within and Around Us


Alar Kilp
The Ontology and Epistemology of Extremism

Part I: Theoretical Perspectives

Kalmer Marimaa
The Many Faces of Fanaticism

Alar Kilp
The Positive and Negative Functions of Perceptual Bias in International Relations

René Värk
Terrorism, State Responsibility and the Use of Armed Force

Part II: Historical Perspectives

Peeter Espak
The Emergence of the Concept of Divine Warfare and Theology of War in the Ancient Near East

Andres Saumets
Zur Entstehung Und Problematik Des Neuzeitlichen Toleranzgedankens Und Der Gewissens- Und Religionsfreiheit Am Beispiel Der Staatskirchlichen Stellungen Zu Den Täufern Und Den Nonkonformisten In Der Frühen Neuzeit

Alar Laats
Cristian Apocalyptic Extremism: a Study of Two Cases

Part III: Social Constructionist Perspectives

Eero Janson
Stereotypes that Define „Us“: the Case of Muslim Women

Alar Kilp
Religion in the Construction of the Cultural „Self“ and „Other“

Livio Nimmer
De-Contextualization in the Terrorism Discourse: a Social Constructionist View

Holger Mölder
The Culture of Fear in the International Politics – a Western-Dominated International System and its Extremist Challenges

Book Reviews

Alar Kilp
The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere by Judith Butler, Jürgen Habermas, Charles Taylor, Cornel West

Holger Mölder
A Cultural Theory of International Relations by Richard Ned Lebow

Andreas Pawlas
Der Gerechte Friede. Spannungsfelder Eines Friedensethischen Leitbegriffs von Jean-Daniel Strub

Summaries in Estonian

Series editors:
Alar Kilp and Andres Saumets

Language editors:
Reet Hendrikson, Karen Kuldnokk, Epp Leete, Roy Lowthian, David. W. E. Thomas, Mariina Viia

ISSN 1736-0242
ISBN 978-9949-19-966-2

Copyright: Estonian National Defence College, 2011
Tartu University Press