ENDC Occasional Papers 2

Selected papers


Military Leadership and Leaders
Jörg Keller

Critical and Creative Thinking: Are Innovation and Initiative Welcome in the Military?
Toomas Möls

What About Culture? The Importance of Culture in the Strategic-Political and the Tactical-Operational Levels in Bundeswehr Operations Abroad
Maren Tomforde

Ambiguity Tolerance and the Concept of “Innere Führung”
Angelika Dörfler-Dierken

Is Game Theory Compatible With Clausewitz’s Strategic Thinking?
Detlev-Holger Müller

Superior Responsibility
René Värk

Chivalry Without a Horse: Military Honour and the Modern Law of Armed Conflict
Rain Liivoja

The Culture of Fear in International Politics – a Western-Dominated International System and its Extremist Challenges
Holger Mölder


Collin W. Hakkinen, Kristiina Haug, Reet Hendrikson, Karen Kuldnokk, Epp Leete, Argo Mund, David W.E. Thomas, Amy Christine Tserenkova

ISSN 2382-7122

Autoriõigus ja väljaandja: Kaitseväe Ühendatud Õppeasutused, 2015
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