War and Disaster Medicine Conference 2016

The War and Disaster Medicine Center of the ENDC will organize the conference for the doctors of war and disaster medicine, doctors of the Estonian Defence Forces and the Estonian Defence League, as well as for doctors, nurses and paramedics in reserve, and for civil healthcare employees.  The conference will be held at the Swiss Hotel in Tallinn from 1 December to 2 December 2016. This year the conference will be held for the 10th time and in addition to conference presentations on war and disaster medicine issues, there will also be workshops on simulation and trauma patient handling. This year’s conference will focus on the organization of work during crisis situations, in particular on training issues to cope with crisis situations.

There will be presentations by specialists from Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, and Estonia. The working languages of the conference will be Estonian and English, simultaneous interpreting will be provided. There will also be an exhibition organized during the conference to display the equipment and supplies used in emergency medicine, war and disaster medicine and in relevant training, and also professional literature.

This year’s conference presenters include various experts who will share their own experiences with organizing studies and training, international cooperation and the disasters that have recently touched Europe.

  1. Major General Pierre Neirinckx will talk about the terrorist attack in Brussels and how the health system coped with it.
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Ulf Jedborg, from the Centre for Defence Medicine of the Swedish Armed Forces, will talk about the Swedish experience teaching war medicine in Ukraine.
  3. Major Thomas Hernes, also from the Centre for Defence Medicine of the Swedish Armed Forces, will address the NATO requirements set for international medical institutions.
  4. Ringo Ringvee, advisor in religious matters for the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, will discuss cultural differences as a challenge to the medical system.
  5. Alon Duby, Emergency Doctor (United Kingdom) – MIMMS Principles in Major Emergency Management.
  6. Lt-Col. Taavi Laanepere, Centre for Applied Research, ENDC (Estonia) – Debrifing from the Chaplain’s Viewpoint in the Estonian Defence Forces.
  7. Lt. Juri Tereštšenkov, Medical Centre, Support Command of the Estonian Defence Forces  – Humanitarian Mission in Northern Greece.
  8. Matthias Münzberg (Germany) –On Treatment of Burns and Myths Related to it, and on Evidence-based Medicine.
  9. Veronika Reinhard, Anaesthesiologist of Tartu University Hospital, and Doctor-Lecturer of the War and Disaster Medicine Centre of the ENDC (Estonia) – War Medicine as a Pioneer in Medicine

Conference fees: 30 EUR/1 day, 50 EUR/2 days; for students 20 EUR/1 day, 40 EUR/2 days.

Deadline for registration: 22 November 2016.

For more information: +372 7176173 or +372 7176182, e-mail: wdmc[at]mil.ee